Things I Bought This Week

I didn’t bother with a shopping post last week because all of my purchases were utilitarian and practical – sports bras, towels and fabric.


I resumed my frivolous habit this week though.

Starting with this blouse from the Gap:

Then, I bought some heavily discounted tanks from Reitmans and RW & Co. – like this one:

While I was waiting in line in Reitmans, I noticed this scarf. I love the green and pink combination:

And, of course, shoes.

I almost didn’t buy these for two reasons. First, they are just a tiny bit outside my shoe height limit. I love my heels, but I rarely go higher than 3 ½ inches. Second, they’re not leather. I rarely buy pleather shoes and bags. I just hate that synthetic texture and it usually doesn’t wear as well as real leather. If you scratch genuine leather you can buff it out, but if you scratch the fake stuff, it’s probably ruined.

Still, I really liked these shoes. The brand is Chinese Laundry. They were on sale at The Bay, and with a multitude of additional discounts applied, they cost practically nothing.

Next week, the sidewalk sales start at the local malls. Lock me up!

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  1. If a synthetic shoes feels good the second I put it on, I’ll get it. They just don’t break in as well as a leather shoe does. They’re super cute!

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