Things I Bought This Week

I’m happy to report, both items I ordered last week are now in my possession. I love the bracelet, but I’m not so sure about that running skirt I’d waited so long to buy. It fits, but it’s REALLY short. Not indecent, just more revealing than I’m used to. I’m keeping it though. It’s an even greater incentive to work at toning my legs. Also, can anyone recommended a good cellulite cream?

Here’s what I bought this week:

Black Tennis Skirt (thrifted)

I have to admit, my tennis wardrobe is progressing faster than my skills. I’m still really enjoying it though.

Wool Herringbone Cardigan (thirfted)

It’s Pink Tartan.

This sweater retailed for over $200 at Saks last year. Why it ended up in a thrift store, I’ll never know. Of course, I don’t plan on wearing it anytime soon. It will be cleaned and tucked away for fall.

Naturalizer Pumps

These have been sitting in my online shopping cart for weeks – first in brown, then black, then brown again. I kept stalling and changing my mind while I waited for the price to drop. Finally, they were on sale for less than half price, and I found an additional discount code, so I ordered them.

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  1. I want to accept mine but I just can’t.

    The sad thing is, in my mid-20s, I remember going to a pool with a bunch of my girlfriends and they were all amazed by my lack of cellulite. I was all “whatever.” I’d never thought about it and since everyone else had it and I didn’t, I just though I was genetically immune. Was I ever wrong!

    I think a girl in my office sells Avon – I’m going to check it out.

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