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A lot has been going on around our house over the past few days. Saturday morning, my Dad and Jeremy loaded up a dumpster with all the rubble in our yard. A truck came to haul it away yesterday. Shortly after the bin disappeared, some guys came by and poured some cement posts to rebuild our deck.

Stuff is finally happening!

Now there’s nothing we can really do about the deck, except wait for the guys we hired to build it. In the meantime, I’ll just fantasize about the finished product…and shop, of course.

I already have a wish list started:

Canvas Curtains

The plan for the new deck includes a pergola that will cover the corner that faces west. This is the most important detail of the new structure. We’ve tried to have a few barbeques out there in the past, and they’ve been almost unbearable with the bright, hot, afternoon sun beating down on us. We’ll also be putting up some curtains to keep us from melting while we dine.

Flatware/Napkin Caddy

Bistro Lights

Back in February, we made a nostalgic visit to The Olive Garden, where I’d read they had a new gluten free menu (it totally sucked, but that’s a topic for another post). While we were waiting for our crappy food, we mocked the decor.

“Doesn’t this remind you of our honeymoon in Italy?” We quipped.

Joking aside, I really liked their bistro lights and decided that’s what I wanted for our deck. So…ya, I get my decorating ideas from sub-par chain restaurants. We can’t all be Candace Olsen.


I doubt this will get checked off the list this year, but a girl can dream.

Seriously though, I’ll just be really happy to have a deck again.

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  1. Lara

    Ahaha! I’ve been dying for a trip to ye ole Olive Garden just for the hell of it!
    The pergola sounds really nice and those lights will be awesome!

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