Things I Bought This Week

I didn’t post a shopping confessional last week. Other than a box of orange fabric dye and some groceries, I didn’t buy anything at all. It was unprecedented.

It couldn’t last though.

I actually had no intention of shopping on Monday night. I was getting ready to go down to the beach to do some roller blading (that’s so 1997, I know) when Jeremy called. His car battery died at the mall and he needed my help. The mall where he was stranded just happened have a Style Sense. It was there, I was there…

At one point I was holding three pairs of shoes but I talked myself into choosing only one. See how disciplined I am! I ended up with these. They’re Hush Puppies Couture Collection.

I also bought some non-apparel related items:

A rack for my thread.

For years, I’ve been keeping my thread in baskets and jars strewn around my sewing room. It wasn’t working for me at all.

A tomato cage. It’s pink!

Of course, this little plant has a lot of growing to do.

I also bought a few things at the thrift store this week:

They’re are a little funky and ridiculously comfortable. The brand is Fly London.

I also picked up a few classic Shel Silverstein books.

Books have been a life long passion of mine, and I can’t seem to resist buying my childhood favourites when I see them in good condition. Especially when they only cost a buck.

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  1. Your new shoes are great! I wish you’d gotten all three pairs though.

    my thread is a mess, but i’m just not dedicated enough to do anything about it.

  2. Yay shoes! Yay thread rack!
    Awww Shel Silverstein! I used to color the illustrations of my old copies with marker when I was a kid!

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