My Nineties

The 1990s were my coming of age years. I started the decade as a teenager and became a young adult by the end. Since my early 20s were a just pathetic extension of my awkward adolescence, I was more than happy to see the end of that era. As much as I try to to think about it, the cyclical nature of fashion always forces me to look back.

Lately, while shopping, I’ve seen a few things that remind me of that period, and I have to admit, I’m a little excited to see the return of some ’90s inspired trends. When it came to fashion, I actually really loved that decade. For me, the ’90s style was so much more than Rachel haircuts, high waisted jeans and baby doll dresses (although I am guilty of some of those crimes).

Here’s what I miss from that decade:

Pastel Separates

When I think of fashion in the ’90s this is what always first comes to mind for me. Claire Danes’ sweater and skirt combination from the 1998 Oscars.

Steve Madden Mary Janes

Steve Madden literally changed my perspective. Before I discovered this brand, I only wore flats. When I bought my first pair of stacked heel Mary Janes, I suddenly saw the world from 5’7″ and I liked it.

A-Line Mini Skirts/Dresses

I hung on to this look until the bitter end and maintain the a-line skirt is universally flattering. Just ask Lisa.


From grunge to Clueless,

my ’90s were draped in plaid.

What do you miss from the 1990s?

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1 Comment

  1. I def miss the babydoll dresses and Mary Janes look a la Hole.

    Still rock an A-line skirt.
    I just couldn’t pick the plaid back up this time around.

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