Things I Bought This Week (and last week)

I was really busy getting ready for our road trip last week, so here’s two weeks of shopping:


Gap Pleated Skirt

American Eagle Nautical Necklace
Once upon a time, I loved American Eagle but these days their clothes just aren’t age appropriate for me. I still love their accessories though.

Joe Fresh Plaid Pencil Skirt (thrifted)

Clarks Open Toed Flats (thrifted)

J. Crew Skinny Belt

J. Crew Boot Cut Jeans (thrifted)
I’ve never been able to find skinny jeans that work for my frame, so boot cut is as tapered as I go in leg widths.

Esprit Denim Skirt (thrifted)
I’ve been searching for the perfect denim skirt Every time I buy one, I think “this is it. This is the one.” It never is. Fingers crossed.

J. Crew Ruffled Blouse
I’ve worn this already and I find it wrinkles easily. It’s cute, but because of the wrinkles, I doubt I’ll wear it much.

and in the centre…

Naturalizer Pumps (thrifted)
Sensible black heels – boring but necessary.

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  1. Thanks!

    I’ve heard Joe Fresh is expanding into the states, so hopefully you’ll have one soon.

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