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…because sometimes 140 characters just aren’t enough.

During the Christmas season I made an online donation to a reputable local charity. Later, when I received my credit card statement, I noticed they’d charged me twice for the same amount.

Last week, I made another donation to a completely different organization (also online) and the same thing happened. Is this a coincidence, or a new fundraising strategy? Has this been happening to anyone else?

Once again this puts me in an awkward position. I can either accept the fact that the organization has money from me that I didn’t authorize, or call and ask for a refund – from a charity. I’m not comfortable with either option. Perhaps, I’ll just have to go back to to cash for these types of transactions.


I have to admit, I’m the teensiest bit excited about the royal wedding tomorrow. It’s for the same reason I watch the Oscars. I like a bit of pageantry every now and then. Also, I love hats and I’m sure there will be some spectacular ones tomorrow.

William and Kate come across in the media as really nice people. They’ve been dating a long time and this marriage seems sensible and genuine. Sure, there are more important things going on, but it’s nice to turn our attention to some good news in a world where we tend to focus on the negative.


I hadn’t been to Tim Horton’s for a while until today. Is it just me, or did the soup containers get smaller? Maybe I was just really hungry…


Apparently, the governing body for world badminton has made skirts mandatory for female players “to ensure attractive presentation of badminton”. Now, I don’t play badminton (and I’m taking tennis lessons partly so I can wear those cute pleated skirts) but this is ludicrous. It also makes me think of this:

Although this is one of the best chick-flicks EVER, we don’t really want to go back to that time. Unless the skirt rule is amended to apply to men also, I hope it gets squashed (ya, that was intended to be a racquet related pun…)

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