Things I Bought This Week

I’ve never owned a scale.

I bought one last week and stepped on it.

I was not happy with what I saw.

Which brings me to item #2: a shiny new yoga mat.

I recently started yoga classes again, after not having been for almost a year. I’m not sure what happened to my old mat during that time, but when I found it a few weeks ago, it was a little worse for wear. This one matches my yoga bag too. I like matching things.

Hopefully, my re-commitment to yoga will help with the scale thing.

My cousin is an aesthetician and a new representative for Arbonne. I went to her launch party Friday night to check out the products.

I ordered a few things from the skin care line. I’d never even heard of this brand before, so I can’t really comment on it yet. I did get a mini facial and hand scrub at the party though and my hands and face felt wonderful afterward. The products smelled great too.

I’ll be waiting anxiously for this package in the mail this week.

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  1. I meant to comment on the hot yoga when you first mentioned it. A few people have invited me to go. I really love to sweat when I’m exercising (rarely) so… what did you think of it?

    A friend of mine used to sell Arbonne and her skin is flawless!

  2. Hot yoga is simultaneously horrible and wonderful. It starts off fun, then by the end I just want to die and I can barley grip my mat because it’s so gross and sweaty. Then after I come home and take a shower, I feel so relaxed and cleansed – like I’ve sweated out so much junk from my body. It’s awesome.

    Flawless, you say? That’s promising!

  3. Love your blog – Haven’t done the hot yoga thing yet. I just did a power yoga class last week and it was nuts, can’t imagine adding a whack of heat 🙂

  4. I’m not so sure I would recommend the scale now that I have it. I’m a little obsessed with my weight now.

  5. Thanks Nadine.

    I actually tried regular yoga again the same week I did a hot yoga class and I have to admit, I liked the hot much better. It certainly is harder but it feels better afterward. I’m not even as sore the next day.

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