Thirty Seven Candles and a List

Remember when you were little and you’d give people your age to the nearest fraction of a year?

“I’m 5 1/2!”

“I’m 7 3/4!”

“I’m almost 9!”

You couldn’t wait to get older and each birthday was a really big deal. Every year was a milestone that offered the promise of new privileges and opportunities.

These days I’m more inclined to round down and birthdays are a bit less epic. The promise of opportunity still remains though. Did you know that Julia Child took her first cooking lesson when she was my age? That’s an inspiring thought, as I turned 37 today, I’m reminded that the best years of my life are still ahead of me.

That got me thinking though. Going forward, what do I really want to accomplish? For years, I’ve enjoyed reading life lists or bucket lists other people have posted on their blogs. I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve decided to set some long term goals for myself and I’ve compiled a list of things I’d like to do over the next few decades. Some of them I’ve started working on already, others I just need to get around to, and a few will be challenging. Many of them involve travel.

Here is my list:

30 things to do by 2030

1. Learn to knit.
2. Make soap from scratch.
3. Do a freestanding headstand in yoga.
4. Participate in the 21 Mile Power Walk at Big Sur.
5. Spend a weekend at the Hotel Del Coronado in California.
6. Be fluent in a second language.
7. Learn to play the guitar.
8. Bake a wheat free croissant that actually tastes good.
9. Read all of the books on Waterstone’s Top 100 Books of the 20th Century
10. Visit all of the Canadian Provinces and Territories.
11. Visit all of the US states.
13. FInd a career I really love.
14. Spend a weekend at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.
15. Go to the Ballet.
16. See the Northern Lights.
17. Make creme brulee by heart.
18. Write and publish an article.
19. Adopt a dog.
20. See a taping of the Daily Show in New York (this goal might not stand the test of time, but I’ll leave it in for now).
21. Take a course in makeup application.
22. Learn how to confidently use my camera.
23. Dye my hair dark brown.
24. Own or lease an impractical car.
25. See an Opera.
26. Donate Blood.
27. Ride in a gondola in Venice.
28. Take a glass bottomed boat tour of the Great Barrier Reef.
29. Win a game of chess.
30. Still fit into my wedding dress in 2030.

This should keep me busy for the next 20 years!

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