Things I Bought This Week (and some from last week)

1. Marimekko for Anthropologie Wild Bloom Skirt
I couldn’t afford this skirt when it was being sold in Anthropologie stores, so I nearly peed my pants when I saw it in my size amongst the sale items at Jeremy’s for $20.

2. Joe Fresh Polka Dot Dress
A white dress is never a good idea for a clutz with a pencant for coffee and burritos. Nearly every light coloured garment I own has a faint stain from either coffee or hot sauce. I could not resist buying this dress though. Hopefully, I’ll get in a couple of wears before I spill something on it.

3. Goodie Spin Pins
I keep reading about these miracle pins that hold your hair in a perfect bun. I hadn’t been able to find them in Canada, so I picked up a set in California. I haven’t tried them yet but if they work, they’ll be great in the summer.

4. Clarks Artisan Cork Wedge Sandals
Aesthetically, I’m not sure how I feel about these shoes, but they’re sooooooo comfortable.

5. Banana Republic Cardigan
I can never have enough black cardigans.

6. Ann Taylor Trouser Jeans
I can never have enough denim either.

I also bought several t-shirts from H&M while in San Francisco. It was out of necessity, as the weather was unseasonably warm during our visit. That has to be one of the best problems to have while on vacation.

Speaking of my vacation, I’ll tell you more about that soon. We got home last night and I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things back at home. I feel like I need another holiday to recover from being away!

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  1. love your finds! I would love to wear more white but anything other than a cheap tee scares the heck out me. I ruin everything!

    Oh yeah, those Goody hair things. I bought them a while back but my hair is way too fine and limp for them. You look like you have thick hair though. I really wish they had worked for me. Maybe on a day when I haven’t washed it and I mess it up with some hairspray.

    I’m gearing more towards sandals like they ones you got but I know how you feel… I think they look best with skinny jeans. I would feel a little dowdy if I wore them with a skirt.

  2. That’s bad news about the hair pins. I have a lot of hair so people think it’s thick. It’s actually very fine and very straight. I was hoping the pins would be the miracle accessory to keep it all in place. I guess I’ll have to try them and see.

    As for the shoes, they’ll definitely be for jeans only.

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