Things I Bought This Week

Earlier this week I stopped by the thrift store to drop of some donations. Since I was already there, I had to go in a look around. I emerged with an green safari style shirt dress and an armload of cotton tops including this one:

I find that particular store’s dressing rooms are a little too grungy for my taste, plus there was a line, so I just bought the whole lot without trying anything on. The dress fit, but few of the tops were too small. The white blouse fit in size, but where I thought it would be flowy, it turned out to be frumpy. It’s now in four pieces in my sewing room waiting to be reassembled with a bit more shape.

Other purchases this week include a pair of green khakis from RW&Co.and a black blouse from Old Navy.

Until last month I hadn’t even been in an Old Navy store, much less buy anything there, in ages. I was even telling some friends recently about how crummy I thought their clothes have been compared to years ago. Suddenly, it seems I’m there all the time. I still maintain the quality has really gone downhill, but this blouse cost $8.00 on clearance and I love a good deal.

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  1. Why do thrift store dressing rooms have to be so gross?! I don’t get it! One I went to smelled like pee! PEE!

    You said “sewing room”. Officially jealous!

    Yeah. I can’t justify Old Navy purchases unless it’s off the clearance rack. They have definitely gone down hill.

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