Revisiting Summer Dresses

Posted by danielle on March 13th, 2011. Filed under: Recent Posts.

With spring on it’s way and a trip to California in my near future, I’ve been dusting off my spring and summer clothes from last year. Some items I’ll wear again, some will be given away and a few will be repurposed into something else.

Here are some of the highlights from the dress bin:

This dress is a keeper, although I have about an inch of extra girth that prevents the side zipper from doing up all the way to the top. Still, I’m determined to wear this dress in a few months.

I love the print. I’ve got to lose that inch.

I bought this dress at T.J. Maxx last spring and it still has the tags attached. When I tried it on, I realized why. There’s not much fabric in the boobular region.

I vaguely remember my rational in the dressing room being that I’d be wearing a cardigan over it. At work, the dress code prohibits sundresses, plus the air conditioning system keeps my cubicle like a meat locker, so I wear cardigans all summer at the office. A sweater isn’t going to make this dress office (or anywhere) appropriate. I still love the fabric, so I’m going to pull it apart and salvage the fabric for a skirt.

I loved this one when I bought it, but I’ve never been able to accessorize it so that I don’t look like a waitress at a retro diner. Does anyone have an idea or should I just get rid of it?

It even looks frumpy on the dress form. Perhaps it should just go.

This is a vintage dress I’ve had for ages but never worn. It’s a flattering fit and I really like it, but it almost feels like a costume.

I’m keeping the dress, but whether it ever sees the light of day, remains to be seen.

I’m so ready for warm weather. Can you tell?

7 Responses to Revisiting Summer Dresses

  1. Lara

    1st dress- oh my god, I have SO many dresses I can barely squeeze into right now. I have gained at least 10 pounds in the past 2 years. Don’t even know where to begin on getting rid of the weight but can’t get rid of the dresses. Such a cute dress though!

    2nd- yeah, that style is so hard to pull off unless you have a small bust. It will make an excellent skirt though! Elastic waistbands are super easy.

    3rd- I think if you unbutton it a bit, pair some natural leather accessories (woven wide belt, strappy sandals) and a bright fun necklace, it would be great in the summer!

    4th- polka dots are going to be huge this Spring! Some flats and a cardigan to dress it down?


  2. danielle

    The sad thing is, I know if I could just commit to regular exercise and lay off the potato chips a bit, that 1 inch would be gone in a snap. I’ve done it before, but for the past few years, I just can’t find the motivation.

    With the pink dress I’m now actually thinking of having the sleeves alterted. I think that might be adding to the frumpiness. Cap sleeves maybe? I love your idea of a woven belt also. The patent leather one it came with really isn’t doing much for it.

  3. elycia

    i just saw your comment on my blog! hooray for being local 🙂
    i really think you should get rid of that pink dress…i’ll give you my address and you can drop it off 😉 kidding! (kind of) definitely change up the belt…maybe add some coloured tights for spring? i have a light pink dress and it is sometimes tricky to wear.

  4. Sheila

    The last dress is my favorite! It’s not costume like at all.

    as for the pink dress – I agree with the other comments.

    I bought this dress from modcloth last year it’s similar and it’s one of my favorites! I think your dress would look better with the altered sleeves, some fun tights, a different belt and a necklace.

  5. Charlie

    All of the dresses are lovely 🙂 I really do love the pink one, and cap sleeves would look great on that dress…. a different belt… some new buttons. You could even shorten it a bit :). The polka dot one is amazing.. Of course I love polka dots!

  6. danielle

    Thanks Sheila.

    I remember that purple dress. I love it!

  7. danielle

    New buttons – now that’s an interesting idea. I hadn’t thought of that. I like it.

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