Things I Bought This Week

This was a boring week for shopping here in the suburbia. My spring cleaning has begun so, this past week, I’ve been much more focused on getting rid of things rather than bringing stuff home. Plus, I’m saving up for a shopping trip here, and then here. I can hardly wait.

I did pick up a few things, although nothing exciting.

This weekend we’re going curling. It’ll be the first winter sport I’ve participated in since the mid 1990s, when I went ice skating (and even that was in the summer).

Apparently, the curling club dress code doesn’t allow denim and I didn’t want to wear dress pants, so I picked up some twill pants at a thrift store for the occasion. They’re from the Gap. I already have an identical pair in beige so I know they’re incredibly comfortable – almost like wearing yoga pants but less sporty looking. The shoes are for curling as well. We were asked to wear shoes that had never been worn outside, so I picked up a pair of cheap converse style sneakers to wear on the ice.

I also found some silver hoops on a sale rack at Sears. Hoops are a wardrobe staple for me so, whenever I see them on sale I buy them. You might wonder, why does one girl need so many pairs of silver hoops? I lose them. Constantly.

These three items cost less than $20. Hurray for bargains!

Additional purchases this week include: two heavily discounted novels, the March issue of LouLou magazine and an Ecojot 2011 planner, marked down to a $1 at Indigo.

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  1. You gotta tell all about the curling! I’ve only seen it on TV during the Olympics.

    Oh! Make sure to check out the BCBG outlet store. I’ve had amazing luck at my VA location. Great dresses!

  2. I’ll check out BCBG for sure. There’s a non-outlet store near my house and the dresses are way to expensive for me.

    Curling was way harder than I expected. They make it look easy on TV. It was a lot of fun though.

  3. Just saw your tweet about the bruises!

    I have bought 2 $300 dresses for $40 each at the BCBG outlet! You’re gonna freak out!

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