Things I Bought This Week

This is the final piece I needed for my carry-on only vacation packing strategy, which also includes a black hardback carry-on suitcase and a black nylon tote bag. I just needed a matching wristlet to carry my wallet and phone.

I’d been looking for a chest of drawers for our guest room for quite a while now. I wanted a quality piece and not just a cheap, crappy IKEA dresser that we’d have to replace a few years down the road. However, store after store, my search kept leading me back to this $169 dresser from IKEA. I’d looked at similar dressers in other furniture stores, and so many of them, priced hundreds of dollars more, felt pretty cheap and flimsy. This one is pine, so it will probably dent easily, but otherwise, I think it will serve us well.

Also purchased this week, but not shown: a circa 1980s orange tupperware canister, 15 vintage button covering kits and a pair of silver hoop earrings (all from a thrift store).

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  1. I really like that dresser! You can always refinish it if it gets beaten up later on but, I think we take better care of our stuff as we get older! If it’s wood, it should be fine!

  2. I have some other furniture from Ikea and I find that as long as it doesn’t get moved around to much, it’s fine.

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