Project 365 – Week 6

I forgot to take a picture on Sunday.

Then, scrolling though the camera I keep in my purse, I realized I did take one after all.

This is a Bacon Explosion, a veritable log ‘o pork, we enjoyed at the Superbowl party we attended Sunday.


This photo was the biggest regret of of the week. At least the meat log was tasty.

This hydrangea plant is such a trooper. A few weeks ago she was just a few twigs with a pile of dead leaves below. Then I gave her some water and now she’s about to bloom.

This needs no explanation.

Lake Ontario on my way to work.

I completely forgot to take a picture on Friday. In my defense, I was really busy. I have a HUGE event coming up at work soon and it’s really the only thing on my mind right now.

I took two today to make up for it.


Self portrait.

The lips are chocolate. I was going for the Janice look.

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