Project 365 – Week 3

Last weekend, I literally didn’t leave the house from Friday night to Monday morning. With at least three more months of cold weather left, I don’t know how many more random objects I’ll be able to find around the house for low depth of field shots.

Maya is always willing to pose for the camera.

Another shot of Gwendolyn.

Hey, we can’t all be Ansel Adams.

Rain on the windshield. This one’s a dud but at least it wasn’t another cat picture.

The bread on the left is a sweet loaf made with coffee, cloves and cinnamon. The one on the right is wheat, sugar and dairy free banana bread. Guess which one tastes like ass.

I’m quickly running out of things to photograph at home. I thought I’d take one at the office this time. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, my notebook.


This is DRIcore. The next step in our basement renovation. It’s a sub-floor that should protect our future carpet should the sump pump fail again.

This is why I might not leave the house this weekend either.

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