Hurray for January Sales and Christmas Gift Cards!

My parents gave me a gift card from Mark’s Work Warehouse for Christmas. If you’re familiar with this retailer you are do doubt underwhelmed. For those not familiar with the Canadian retail scene, Mark’s is the kind of place you would go if you needed some overalls, steel toed boots or scrubs. They also carry a lot of sportswear basics and business casual wear made from practical non-wrinkling synthetic fibres. It’s not high fashion, just sturdy no nonsense merchandise. It’s not really my style at all. I’m generally more of a high heels and ruffles kind of girl yet I look forward to these cards. I always seem to find fun stuff when I shop there.

I dropped by the store near my office yesterday, on the off chance they’d have a pair of black leather boots to fill a current void in my wardrobe. For me a good pair of boots is extremely hard to find. My ankles are like sequoias, I have a higher than average arch and unusually wide feet. Basically, I’m Barney Rubble from the knee down.

Once in the store, I made a bee line to the clearance section where I actually saw exactly what I was looking for! They were on sale! They were real leather! They had my size! They fit perfectly! Except they were brown. Damn.

Brimming with optimism, I went to another location today and found them in black! Then I noticed they were offering and additional discount of 70% off a second clearance item! So, I bought them in brown too!

With my gift card, I only had to spend an additional $10! Yay! I think I just used up a years worth of exclamation marks here but it’s not everyday you get a great deal like this.

The shopping gods were so very kind to me today.

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  1. You’re a lucky girl! I love finding amazing high quality deals! Those will last you a lifetime!

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