Project 365 – Week 2

Posted by danielle on January 14th, 2011. Filed under: Photography, Recent Posts.

Here’s what this week looked like though the lense of my camera:

We spent Saturday doing some shopping near Buffalo. For those of you who think it’s unpatriotic to shop outside of Canada, I’d like to point out that the items we were looking for were not available in the Greater Toronto Area. So, there’s that.

Once back in our homeland, traffic was slow because of snow on the road. It wasn’t actually snowing, the roads were just messy because it had been earlier, so we got off the highway to get a snack. We had french fries at Hutch’s on the Beach.

I’d mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working on some new items to sell at craft shows. Right now I’m working on a batch of crocheted dish cloths.

The grocery store keeps putting Häagen-Dazs on sale, making it impossible not to buy.

This week, I tackled the annual cleaning of my craft room. More accurately, I crammed everything into the closet and slammed the door shut. At least I can see the floor and the surface of my sewing table again. I’ll deal with the rest later.

Gwendolyn has never really been a playful cat. Silly little cat games are beneath her sophisticated sensibilities. Lately though, she’s really been into the laser pointer. We play chase the red dot every night now.

This is the plant in our guest room. It’s an embarrassingly lame photo. There are no redeeming qualities about it and no point. It’s the best I had for Thursday though and in the spirit of the project I had to post it.

We received a bread machine for Christmas. This was my first stab at wheat free bread. It was mediocre (as wheat/gluten free bread always is) but at least it was fresh.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Amanda

    I know!!! I’m working on a carton of green tea honey vanilla haagen dazs … mmmmmmm

  2. danielle

    That’s one of my favourite flavours.

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