Project 365 – Week 1

For the 3rd (or possibly 4th) year in a row I’m attempting Project 365. The goal is to take one picture each day. The purpose is to capture otherwise forgotton moments of day to day life while improving your photography skills. Each year I try and each year I fail. Once, I even downgraded to Project 52 and was still unsuccessful. Despite this, when I look back on the pictures I did manage to take over the past year, I still love the idea of ending 2011 with 365 pictures that capture the subtle changes in our home, and with seasons and landscapes as the days go by. So, I’m going to try it again.

Taking a picture everyday is easy enough. Taking picture of something interesting or meaningful is quite another. This is the biggest challenge, especially this time of year when daylight is scarce and hibernation is my prefered way of life.

Here’s the first week:

January 1st was 11 degrees C. The only snowflakes were the ones hanging in our window.

On Sunday night, I went for a walk down by the lake. Burlington has a huge collection of adorably tacky light sculptures set up for the Christmas season. I love this town!



Pretty, shiny things. I almost forgot to take a picture on this day, so here is an example of a meaningless, uninspired photo. I just happened to have my camera out in a store, taking a quick picture of a necklace I’m considering purchasing, when I realized I hadn’t taken photo yet that day. The sales girl gave me a strange look, so I snapped this one and put my camera away.

This poor little goose was wandering around a park by the lake all by himself every day last week. Unlike most geese I’ve met, he’s actually really friendly. That made it so much harder to tell him I didn’t have any food. Sorry buddy!

On Friday we had a hankering for P.F. Chang’s. Especially lettuce wraps. I LOVE lettuce wraps. Our closest location is in Buffalo (about an hour by car), so we grabbed our passports, packed a bag and made a night out of it.

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