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I’ve come to the conclusion that people were never meant to live underground. This revelation stems from our basement woes over the past year. Nature wants us to have an indoor swimming pool. We want a state of the art bathroom and recreation room. Nature is winning.

Back in the spring, we discovered water in our basement. Deep down we kind of knew it could be an issue someday. When we bought the house there was a hole where a sump pump used to be. The missing pump was a mystery but it was late summer when we had the home inspected and everything seemed perfectly dry. Quite honestly, if there had been visual moisture, I don’t think it would’ve mattered. We were so in love with the house by that point, the inspector could have warned us of a termite infestation, a family of howler monkeys living in the attic and a poltergeist and we probably still would have bought it without hesitation. Isn’t that how love always is in the beginning? Don’t get me wrong, we still love our house. We’ve just been forced to acknowledge some of its many imperfections.

After the initial flood back in March, we ripped up all of the carpet and moved our furniture and other valuables to dryer land. Then there was much speculation and consultation about where and how the water was coming in. A solution was determined and a plan was hatched. The water table in our area seemed to remain low over the summer and then in October we had a backflow preventer and sump pump installed. Problem solved!

Sort of.

It turns out that the key to an effective sump pump is electricity. After a about 24 hours of pouring rain and a blown fuse, this is what happens:

Our poor kitties will need a raft to get to the litter box..

After we took out the carpet we removed the second kitchen (the basement had been set up as an apartment before we bought it) and the bathroom. This is where our new bathroom will go someday.

Take note of Jeremy’s shoes on dry land in the top right corner of the photo. We found them in the puddle. In an act of reverse chivalry, I went in wearing my rubber wellies and rescued them.

So, now we have another problem to sort out before our great basement renovation can begin. Hopefully it will be the last major issue. My fingers are crossed.

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