Warning: This Post Is About Shoes

I’m a girl. I like shoes. I’m a cliché.

Somehow Jeremy and I managed to leave Spain without a single pair of new shoes between us. We tried. I think we went into every Camper store in Barcelona but nothing really struck our fancy. I‘d been budgeting for a shoe shopping spree and since it didn’t happen in Europe, I’m now planning a trip closer to home.

I’ve really been enjoying the resurgence of preppy styles from the 80s. In fact, spent most of the summer fighting the urge to buy Sperry Topsiders from the J. Crew catalogue. Then the other day I saw a pair of Bass Weejuns in one of the trendy shoe stores at the mall. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I tell you again – I LOVED my Weejuns. I had them in nearly every style and colour available back then, and I can still recall the smell of a new pair of leather loafers right out of the box. That smell was the best, and I don’t mean that in a weird or fetishy sort of way.

An interesting note about Bass Weejuns – apparently, the style originated in Norway. In the 1930s, G.H. Bass began making similar shoes in the United States and named them after the Nor-Weeguns that pioneered the look.

I was tempted to buy them, but it occurred to me – I rarely wear flats anymore. In fact, I wear heels so much, it actually hurts my calves when I wear flat shoes for any length of time. Thankfully Michael Kors makes these:

I’ve bought them in burgundy, but I think I might need these patent leather ones also.

One of the only styles, G.H. Bass had offered during that era, that I never owned, were saddle shoes. Even then, I just didn’t think they suited me. They just seem a little to juvenile, even when I was quite juvenile. Then I saw these on the current website:

Saddle shoes and heels! Together at last!

I really like these and I’m 99% sure I want to buy them. My only concern is the white leather. I’m afraid I’ll have them filthy and scuffed beyond repair within hours of putting them on my feet.

Here’s a trend I haven’t seen resurface yet (although I’m sure they’re available somewhere):

If memory serves, we called them ducky shoes and much like the Crocs of today, they’re hideous (yet remarkable comfortable). I found them in an old box of stuff I brought home from my parents house recently. I couldn’t bear to part with them just yet. I can remember vividly how desperately I wanted them back in the 7th grade. These ones, from the nice store at the mall, not the K-Mart knock-offs.

Clearly, I’m ready if they make a comeback. I’m really hoping we don’t see these on our trendsetters any time soon though.

So, what do you think of an 80s preppy revival?

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