A few months ago a colleague mentioned that he’d seen a picture of Edie Brickell on an old CD cover and it reminded him of me. I looked up her picture afterward and while I didn’t see much resemblance, I took it as a compliment nonetheless, because I think she’s pretty. Edie and I do have a lot in common though. We both have brown eyes and unruly hair (although mine is shorter and my curls aren’t natural). Plus, we’re both married to talented musicians. She’s married to Paul Simon and I’m married to Jeremy, who played the Oboe in his high school band. I’ve never heard him play, but I am told he was quite good.

Anyway, that got me thinking about the doppelgängers of my past.

My first known look-a-like was the girl on the Kodak envelope, circa 1981.

Closer to home, I would meet another twin in the summer of 1987, playing on my softball team.

For those who know me outside of the internets, I’ll pause here for a moment for you to digest the fact that I actually played on an organized sports team. I know, it’s hard to imagine.

My twin’s name was Pam. She’s in the front row, clearly identified by her hat. I’m also in the front row, to the right, at the end. It’s hard to tell because she’s wearing the hat, but we looked so much alike at that age it was uncanny.

Also, around this time, while I had short hair, my friends told me I looked like Kim Clark Champniss, who at the time was a VJ on Much Music and –


It was at this point that I started growing my hair long and, of course, found new friends.

Since then I’ve been told I resemble many different people, most of which, I’ve never seen or met. I’ve also been compared to a few celebrities with whom I share one or more of my distinguishing features (almond shaped eyes, blond hair or dark eyebrows) including Helen Hunt, Leanne Rimes and Audrey Hepburn (but only when I do the black dress and pearls thing for formal events). None of those ladies actually look much like me but at least they belong to my gender.

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