Stuff I’m Coveting – Living Room Edition

Ficus Tree
I take full responsibility for the demise of most of our houseplants, with the exception of our ficus tree. We had one for several years when we lived in our old house, but our cat, Maya, frequently took it upon herself to water it, if you know what I mean. We tried many recommended tactics for breaking cats from this habit but nothing seemed to make whizzing in the plant less appealing to her. Since cat pee doesn’t quite have the nourishing qualities of water, it eventually died.

I’d really like to get another one. First, I’d need to find a Maya proof pot, although I don’t know what such a pot would look like.

Crate and Barrel – Abaca Ottoman
When we moved into our current home we didn’t have a coffee table for our living room. We shopped around for a bit but never found what we were looking for. We eventually gave up completely because we realized we didn’t really need one and without it, the living room seems quite spacious. Sometimes it would be nice to have somewhere to put my feet up though, and this ottoman would be perfect.

Urban Outfitters – Round Pintuck Pillows
I change the throw pillows frequently in our living room because they are most often used by the cats and are usually covered in fur. Since I sew, I can whip up a few new ones every now and then, but I don’t even know where to begin to make pillows like the ones above.

Etsy – Typographic Wall Art
I’ve been watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show lately. It’s a little before my time. I think it was already in it’s fourth season the year I was born, but it’s a fantastic show and I love the set designs. Rhoda (if you’re not familiar with the show, she was Mary’s best friend and upstairs neighbour) had a similar piece hanging on a beam in her tiny turret apartment and then it’s seen again in her New York pad in the spin-off show. I think something like this would look nice in our living room.

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