Things I Miss

If I was ever given the option to go back in time to my teen years, I wouldn’t. Not even if you paid me. Those years were so full of angst as I waited for my life to really begin. I shudder when I think about how awkward and helpless I felt then, and I’m grateful those years are so far behind me. Still, when I look back there are a few things from that time that I miss:


From an aesthetic standpoint, they’re hideous. Apparently they’re also bad for your back and I’m sure they used a ton of energy to keep the water warm – but man, I LOVED my waterbed. My parents bought me a hard sided, super single with a bookcase headboard (slightly more tasteful than the one shown above) when I was around 12. Since they don’t travel well, I had to leave it behind when I went to University. In my absence, it was eventually drained, disassembled and likely buried somewhere in the municipal landfill.

The McD.L.T.
If I had a hankering for a burger today, McDonalds would be the last place I would go, but as an adolescent I was a regular patron there. For a limited time, the McD.L.T. was my preferred menu item.

It was unique in that it was served on a styrofoam tray with two sections. One side held the bottom half of the bun and the hot meat patty, while on the other side, the top with lettuce and tomato remained crisp until you were ready to eat. “Keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool,” was the idea and tag line for this tasty burger. Unfortunately (for me, but not the ozone layer), the elimination of styrofoam led to its discontinuation, since the packaging was so essential to the presentation of the McD.L.T.

Bass Tassel Loafers

I had a pair just like these and they were among my favourite shoes I’ve ever owned. I wore them until my feet broke though the soles. Bass still sells their classic weejuns in most of the same colours and styles that were around 20 years ago, except for the simple tassel loafer.

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