Garbage Delight

This paperback copy of Garbage Delight caught my eye in the book section of a thrift store over the weekend. I don’t know if kids today still read Dennis Lee, but if you’re not familiar with him, he was, and probably still is, kind of a Canadian Shel Silverstein. If you don’t know who Shel Silverstein is, I’m not sure if we can still be friends and perhaps you should stop reading and go back to the rock you’ve been living under. I loved Dennis Lee’s books as a child so I bought to read for old times’ sake.

I have this vague memory of him coming to Brantford when I was really small and reading at the library. It could have just been some random dude reading Alligator Pie though. Or maybe it happened somewhere else like at school or on television. Perhaps it didn’t happen at all. Isn’t it funny how some memories are like that? There is something there but you just can’t seem to bring it into focus. So maybe I met Dennis Lee or maybe I didn’t. Either way I love this book.

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