Stuff I’m Coveting – Kitchen Edition

So, now that I’m not buying new clothes, I’ve turned my attention to home decor and kitchen accessories.

Here are a few things I have my eye on right now in the latter catagory:

My mixer came with one stainless steel bowl, but every now and then I encounter a recipe that requires 2 bowls. I think a glass one would make a great addition to our little kitchen.

I’ve managed over 36 years without ever having used a breadbox. Suddenly, I feel and overwhelming urge to get one.

One like this:

I usually just use the timer on the microwave but these are so cute. They’re magnetic too! (from Pier 1)

A Le Creuset dutch oven. I don’t need one of these either – They’re just so pretty.

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  1. you do need a dutch oven though – we use ours all the time for any stews or stovies or even macaroni and cheese…

  2. I have that exact dutch oven and love it! I’ve only used it a few times but am so happy every time.

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