Our New Bookshelf!

I’d had my eye on a vertical spine bookshelf for a while. I wanted something to store books on for our living room but couldn’t figure out where we could put one that wouldn’t look out of place. A tower made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one locally and with the cost of shipping for a large and relatively heavy item, buying one online was going to be far more costly than I’d anticipated. Plus, I wasn’t keen on the idea of buying a piece of furniture I hadn’t seen in person.

While contemplating a solution to my bookshelf dilemma, it suddenly occurred to me that my Dad is the King of Metal. Seriously, having spent over 40 years in the sheet metal industry, he will tell you himself that there’s very little he can’t make with it. I presented him with the challenge and within a few weeks I have a book tower that looks nearly identical to the picture I gave him to work with.

The priceless value of my Dad’s labour notwithstanding, the materials used came in at about a third of the retail price and the shipping was free, having been driven 30km to our house in my parent’s car. So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Also, thanks Dad. You are truly a DIY genius.

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