The Recovery of a Shopaholic

If you’ve been reading my weblog regularly you might remember that I was giving up shopping for the month of May. I had also declared it accessory appreciation month and my goal was to pair my existing clothes with my existing accessories to create a more interesting wardrobe.

For the most part it was a success. Early in the month I realized that about 80% of my wardrobe goes unworn because of wrinkles. This problem was easily solved by planning my outfits the night before when I have time to do the necessary pressing or steaming. My morning routine simply never allowed for such a task. Choosing my clothes in advance has also allowed me to carefully select the appropriate shoes and jewelry, so there is less of a scramble to get ready to go to work. This new system has significantly reduced the chance of me leaving the house in disheveled and mismatched clothes.

So, planning in advance makes life easier. Who knew?

As for the shopping part: I bought some things. Not much though. While I didn’t achieve my goal, I did cut back exponentially. The few purchases I did make were more thoughtful than before. I only bought things I really loved and I mulled over the items for a few days before purchasing. I didn’t buy anything just because I kind of liked it and it was a good deal. I’d always been such a sucker for a good deal.

I also stopped dropping by the many malls and thrift stores I pass on my way home from work. This was almost a daily habit for me and totally unnecessary. As an added bonus, staying out of the mall has also kept me out Starbucks and away from the temptation of take-out meals. It’s amazing how breaking one bad habit can snowball.

Now that we’re into June, I am trying to remain in my newly adopted mindset. Shopping in moderation and out of necessity, not as a hobby. I’m excited about saving money for bigger and better things. I’m also feeling liberated by the knowledge than the world doesn’t end if I miss a one day only 40% off sale at Banana Republic.

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  1. I’ve got my ironing board permanently set up now (because I finally have a sewing room (/Cory’s office/drying room/general junk storage) and I’m wearing a lot of clothes I’d previously avoided now that it’s easy to iron….

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