Dear Glee,

I feel like I don’t know you anymore. When I first watched you in September you were so much fun. You had a silly but engaging story with just enough drama to keep me hooked. Your characters were endearing and the campy classroom musical numbers were so adorable. At first, I couldn’t believe how much I loved you. You’re really not my type.

Then you went away for a while.

You’ve been back for a few months now and I feel like you’ve changed. What little plot you have left is confusing and seems to go nowhere. Then there are the random and contrived singing and dancing numbers in places where singing and dancing don’t belong. Who do you think you are – Grease? Even the guest appearance by Neil Patrick Harris left me a bit cold.

Glee, I’m not saying it’s completely over between us, but I just don’t feel the same about you anymore. We can still be friends though.



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  1. We had to stop watching Chuck early this season for mostly the same reasons. No singing of course.

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