A Few Weekend Photos

Over the weekend we went to a wedding. It was lovely. It began with a ceremony in an old grist mill followed by a cocktail reception in the Canadian Clay and Glass gallery next door. I love it when events are held at unique locations like galleries or museums. It gives you an opportunity to see places and things you might otherwise overlook. For example, this ridiculously creepy installation:

Tea was served in these adorable vintage tea cups. I love these. I’m sure I have some cups like this passed down from my nana somewhere. I must find them and have a tea party.

Meanwhile, back at home…

For the most part our yard is a mess. My mystery fruit tree now has leaf curl and we have more weeds than grass. I have, however, planted a rabbit proof herb/vegetable garden. This has been a success so far. Nothing seems to have been nibbled yet.

At least the peonies are in bloom. This colour is so beautiful.

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