Never Before has Sunday Morning Coffee Been So Fascinating

Yesterday afternoon, a windstorm knocked our power out and it stayed out until the wee hours of this morning. The lack of electricity was tolerable for a while, but as the sun went down we quickly became restless and bored.

With nothing better to do, we jumped in the car and found ourselves at Value Village. While browsing in the housewares section, Jeremy spotted a vintage vacuum coffee maker with all of its parts intact. We’re not sure, but based on some internet research we think it dates back to the 30s or 40s.

This morning, Jeremy gave it a good scrubbing and then it was time for the show.

The grounds go in the top chamber and the water boils in the bottom. A glass rod acts as the filter.

Eventually the pressure forces the water upward.

When the heat is removed and the carafe cools the coffee filters back down to the bottom chamber.

When the coffee finishes trickling down, the process is complete.

The coffee was very good, although a little weak for my taste. Jeremy thinks that might just be a grind issue though. We’ll try again another day and see what happens. Regardless, it was the most interesting cup of coffee I’ve ever experienced.

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