May is Accessory Appreciation Month

You heard it here first.

Last weekend I did my seasonal closet turnover. This is where I unpack my summer clothes from the bins stored under the bed and replace them with my winter woolens. This is necessary because our mid-century built closets can’t accommodate an entire year of my clothes.

While doing so, I was lamenting about how much stuff I have, how I rarely wear most of it and how ridiculous it is that I constantly shop for new clothes while I already have so much. This happens every spring. Then every spring, I make a vow to give up buying clothes for a month – usually April or May. Then during that month some kind of wardrobe emergency occurs, or I happen to be in a store with Jeremy where I’m faced with a deal that I just can’t walk away from. In other words, I never follow though.

Despite my past failures, with today being the first day of May, I’m making my annual vow to give up buying clothes until June. In order to make this work, I need to appreciate the things that I already have and be more creative putting things together. That’s my problem: I buy tons of clothes, shoes and jewelry but I can never seem to put them all together in a way that looks right, so I go out and buy more. Even wearing the new pieces I feel boring and frumpy. I seem have all the elements of a great wardrobe though, it’s just the execution where I fall short.

Along with my shopping freeze, I’ve decided to declare May my own personal Accessory Appreciation Month . I am going to dust off the scarves, jewelry, shoes and bags in my closet that usually don’t see much action and see if I can use them to finally make my wardrobe work. Since I won’t be at the mall, I’ll have a little more time to think about these things.

Well, I’ve made it through an entire Saturday without buying any clothing or clothing related items, although it’s all I can do to keep myself from logging on to eBay right now. I guess I’ll just have to work though this one day at a time.

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  1. I think you should post pics of your outfits so you can look back and see how awesome they look and hopefully be encouraged to wear them more 🙂

  2. I’m really going to try. It’ll be a matter of remembering to snap a picture in the morning when I’m rushing to get to work or taking one when I get home before I change into my t-shirt and sweat pants.

  3. I’m loving scarves at the moment – pretty ones that let me feel good about just wearing jeans and a tee. My father even noticed – which is saying something.

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