Spring Snapshots

I’m obsessed with our yard right now.

When I went home for lunch today, it was so warm and sunny, I couldn’t believe it’s still only April. I spent most of the hour outside with my camera.

I’m not sure what kind of blossoms these are. Peach? Plum? This tree bore fruit last year but the bugs got a hold of it and what they left behind was not recognizable. I sprayed and fertilized it early this year so I’m hoping to at least make a positive identification soon.

I like all of our backyard birds but doves are my least favourite among them. They brand themselves the bird of peace but I just don’t like the cut of their jib. There’s something untrustworthy in those beady eyes. I know this one is waiting for me to turn my back so he can crap on my car. Bastard.

Our lilacs are about to burst. I LOVE the smell of lilacs in the spring!

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  1. Great photo’s. The smell of lilacs in the spring time is one of my favourite smells, right along side holiday dinners at someone else’s house:)

  2. Oh my god – I just laughed out loud about the bird crapping on your car.

    And agree about the lilacs. One of my favourite smells!

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