Sugar Free Me

A few months ago I tackled my caffeine problem. Now I’m down to one cup a day and sometimes I don’t have any at all. That’s right, there are days when I go without coffee completely and I’ve lived to tell about it. Actually, what’s more amazing is that my friends, family and co-workers have survived the transition.

Next up, refined sugar.

The year leading up to our wedding, I was on a diet free of sugar, wheat and dairy. It was a bit of a challenge, but I’d been having eczema breakouts on my face caused by one of those things (although I didn’t know which) and I wasn’t taking any chances of walking down the aisle with a blistering rash oozing around my nose. It was worth the effort, because when the big day came, my skin was clear and I felt great. I had tons energy and the body of my 21 year old self, only a little better because I was super toned from Yoga and Pilates.

After the wedding I discovered that it was wheat that triggered the rash (among other issues) and so I started allowing myself to indulge in some cheese and desserts every now and then. Eventually, now and then became all the time and before long my sugar consumption was back to where it was before I was married. What is even more disconcerting now is my inability to lose weight. A few years ago, I shot up two pant sizes and I’ve been struggling to take the pounds off ever since. Back when I was on the other side of 30, a regular exercise regiment would melt the fat off in no time, but these days, my efforts have been futile.

Over the weekend I finally faced the fact that if I’m ever going to get my old figure back, I need to readjust my lifestyle again. Of course, I don’t know if it’s refined sugar keeping me out of my smaller pants of yesteryear but it seems like the most likely suspect. Plus, eliminating it from my regular diet certainly can’t hurt. Today is the first day of my cold turkey week without sugar. If I can make it all week, I’m going to reward myself with a square of the* Trader Joe’s dark chocolate and hazelnut bar I brought back from California a few weeks ago, and maybe a little glass of wine. This seems like a good incentive in the short term, with the ultimate reward of good health and hopefully, eventually, wearing my favourite jeans again.

*To be honest, I brought back 5 chocolate bars from our trip, but there’s only one left, and yes, I can see this may be part of my problem…

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