You Stay Classy, San Diego

Our usually quiet lives were disrupted last week by a few events on the home front, including the discovery of some excessive water in our basement. Our sofa hasn’t floated away or anything, but there was enough to make our carpet squishy and exactly where it came from and why has yet to be determined. With so much going on here, I’d almost forgotten about our winter vacation a few weeks ago. After what seemed like forever, we finally boarded a plane for Southern California for some sunshine and ocean breezes.

We arrived in San Diego late on a Thursday night. The first thing we noticed was the smell of green grass and flowers. It was wonderful. I’d missed that smell so much.

The next morning we walked to the Gaslamp district to have breakfast at Brians 24. It was awesome. With our bellies full and caffeine pumping though our veins, we continued our walk which eventually led us to the car rental office to pick up our ride for the rest of the trip.

We drove to Point Loma to check out the view of the city. While we’ve been to San Diego many times, this was our first visit to Point Loma. The view is lovely from there.

Next we drove along the coast until we reached LaJolla where it was seal pupping season! Seals, of any age are adorable. I could have stood there all day taking pictures and basking in their cuteness. We couldn’t though, we had some shopping to do.

Since we were still on eastern time, that was pretty much it for that day.

We started the next day with a walk though Balboa Park. It was actually a little boring. We concluded that Golden Gate is a way better park and we moved on to the next thing on our agenda.

Coronado is home to the famous Hotel del Coronado. Do you remember that woman who married the Eiffel Tower a few years ago? Whenever I see the Del, I kind of understand the sentiment. I love this building. We’ve never actually stayed there, but we always visit it when we’re in the area.

That was it for San Diego. It was pouring rain the following morning so we packed up and left for dryer land, specifically, Palm Springs. First we had a harrowing drive though the mountains, twisting and turning, through sleet and snow. It was worth the hour and a half of terror and panic because my friend Meagan was on the other side of the mountains and this year she got a puppy!

His name is Barkley and he’s ridiculously cute.

We spent the next few days hanging out in the desert with Meagan. We did some more shopping and lots of eating. We also read books by the pool and watched some movies. It was wonderfully relaxing and just what we needed.

Like any vacation the days went by way too fast. Now we’re back home with our swampy basement waiting for the days when we can smell the green grass and flowers again.

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