Here’s Looking at You, Kid

Valentine’s day isn’t an occasion we usually celebrate at our house but when I heard that the Bloor Cinema was screening Casablanca last night, I decided we had to go out. Convincing Jeremy to see the movie wasn’t easy, he’s still recovering from the time, years ago, when I took him to a theatre to see It’s a Wonderful Life. While we have many things in common, he doesn’t really share my affinity for the classics. After some negotiation he eventually agreed.

We started the evening with an early dinner at Siam Dish, our favourite neigbourhood Thai restaurant. Then we were off to the big city where we stood outside in a huge lineup waiting to buy tickets for the movie. Damn, it was cold. We finally reached the front of the line only to discover neither one of us had any money, at what we discovered, was cash only establishment. Annoyed and freezing, I found a new place at the back of the line (which had grown even longer) while Jeremy went of in search of an ATM. After another long, cold wait, we finally had tickets.

It was totally worth it. I’ve seen it a million times but it just seemed so much better on the big screen. Even Jeremy admitted, it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

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