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In the Event of an Emergency – Call Someone Else
This morning while I was descending a flight of stairs, a gentleman, walking a few feet behind me, tripped on the landing and slid down the remainder of the stairs, headfirst, catching his foot between the spindles, then finally landed with a face plant on the bottom step. Despite my first aid training, I just stood there – stunned. Thankfully, there were many competent people around who knew what to do. Even more thankfully (and miraculously) , he was ok and after getting over the initial shock, he got up, dusted himself off was laughing about it within minutes. The moral of the story – I’m useless in a crisis situation.

Winter Blues
I’ve never been able to decide which aspect of winter is the worst, the cold or the snow. Since we’ve had the opportunity this year to experience winter without accumulated snow (so far), I know now. It’s the cold. It’s defiantly the cold.

Getting The Monkey Off My Back
For the benefit of my overall health, I’ve cut back to one cup of coffee per day. I know for most people that sounds like a reasonable amount of coffee, but for as far back as I can recall, I’ve been a true caffeine junkie. I can’t function without my morning hit and I usually go on to have at least two more cups throughout the day – usually more. A former co-worker of mine, can attest to the fact that the first thing I would do upon checking into the hotel on our business trips, was locate the nearest Starbucks. Forget the fire exits, where’s the coffee!

I went cold turkey for the first few days, which was pure hell. I was lethargic and the withdrawal headache was unbearable. Now, days later, I feel pretty good and that one cup of coffee, is a delightful treat rather than my main source of energy.

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