Blast From The Past – The Bahamas 1979

Last week I booked our winter vacation and now I have travel on the brain. Unfortunately, we have more than month to wait before we go anywhere. In the meantime, I thought I would reflect on some vacations past.

So my friends, join me, as I take you back to November 1979. Disco was dying and the attention of the world was focused on the Iranian hostage crisis, leaving the Bahamas vulnerable to a Todd family invasion. When I say the family, I mean ALL of us. Three generations of Todds climbed aboard a 747 en route to Nassau. It was perfect timing for a vacation because Kindergarten was getting to me, and I really needed to unwind.

This was our hotel. I love those umbrellas. You sure don’t see patio furniture like this anymore.

I shared a room with my uncle’s girlfriend (a few years later she became my aunt). Looking back, I can’t help but think about how disappointing that must have been for her. When you’re 19, as she was then, a trip to the Caribbean with your beau should be a romantic getaway, or at the very least, a booze soaked shag-fest. Instead, she was stuck bunking with a socially awkward 5 year old.

I remember how amazingly warm and clear the ocean water was. It was such a contrast to the cold, murky water of Lake Erie I was accustomed to. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it since. I spent a lot of time there picking up shells at the beach. I think shells were the only things on the island I was actually allowed to touch (I don’t recall the Bahamas being very kid friendly).

Here I am with my Mom. I love the dress she is wearing here. Also, I’ve never noticed this before, but the woman wandering into this shot has pink spongy curlers in her hair (incidentally, those curlers have never worked for me). By looking at our accessories in this picture, I can assume it was taken after our trip to the straw market.

I have fond memories of the market. I think we bought every straw accessory they had to offer. Along with the hat and purse seen here, I also had a wallet, slippers, a doll and a necklace made of some kind of bean that made a fun clickity, clackity sound when I walked. I know that sounds like and excessive amount of souvenirs, but it’s not like we took trips like this often. In fact, I didn’t travel more than a few hundred kilometers from home again until I was in my late teens and I was 26 before found myself on an airplane again. My parents have never really shared my wanderlust.

Speaking of airplanes, here we are heading home while the locals breathed a sigh of relief.

Nordair – how adorably vintage! Apparently they were swallowed by Air Canada in the 80s.

Thanks for joining me for this trip down memory lane. Stay tuned for the next installment of my travels.

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