Dress Makeover

I bought this dress in the fall of 1996. It’s a shirtdress that leans more toward shirt than dress. When I bought it in my early 20s, I was ok with that. These days, I’m a little more modest. For years this dress was my favourite. It was warm and comfortable and I wore it everywhere from work to parties.

I’ve now had this dress for well over a decade. I also have many other dresses – other brown shirtdresses even. Despite this, I can’t seem to part with this particular dress, although I never actually wear it. In fact, once a year I throw this dress in the charity bag en route to the thrift store and every time I pull it out at the last second. Then the dress comes home and I hang it back up in the closet only to be purged again the next time around.

I needed to either make this dress wearable again or get rid of it once and for all.

First, the elbow patches had to go. I thought they were adorable before but not so much anymore. They came off easily so I removed the pockets as well. Next, I needed to address the biggest problem – the length. I found a hunk of brown corduroy and sewed it along the bottom giving the dress a few extra inches. At first it looked a little mismatched so I removed the original buttons and replaced them with buttons covered with the brown corduroy. The finished product looked a little plain so I made a co-coordinating flower pin and called it done.

I’m really pleased with the way this dress turned out. I think I’ll finally start wearing it again.

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