T’was the Weekend Before Christmas

I just had a most fantastic weekend. It was a wonderful balance of holiday merriment and relaxation.

It started Friday with my office potluck.

This is an annual event and most people bring their A–game.

Then there are some that don’t.

That night, still full from lunch, we were on to Jeremy’s office Christmas party. After dinner this guy performed. When I heard there was going to be a mentalist, I assumed it was going to be cheesy and lame, but I was wrong. It turned out to be interesting and funny. I’m now trying to talk my co-workers into booking him for one of our office events next year.

After a relaxing Saturday morning. I bravely ventured out to do some last minute Christmas shopping, only to find myself stuck in traffic on the way to the mall. Not just slow moving traffic, but a dead halt. It took me a while to clue in to what was going on. Even the crowd of people lining the street in –10 degree weather waving Canadian flags weren’t enough to tip me off. It wasn’t until I saw the flame and the accompanying entourage that I finally understood what the hold up was.

After finishing the last of my Christmas shopping, I went home to clean my craft room. It’s been in a post-apocalyptic state for the past few months and with company coming this week it was finally time to get it done. I spent hours folding and putting away fabric, as well as picking up balls of yarn, buttons and spools of thread. By about 10:00pm the rug was finally visible. I was far too embarrassed to take a before picture (who lives like that!) and the after picture still looks cluttered but it really is a vast improvement.

I spent most of Sunday puttering away in my delightfully tidy craft room until late afternoon when we headed downtown Burlington for dinner with our friends, Matt and Stephanie. We went to Paradiso, a restaurant we had heard good things about, but had yet to try. Dinner was top notch. Everything about this restaurant was excellent. I especially recommend the Tapas Platter and the Crème Brulee Trio – apple cinnamon, maple and vanilla. Delicious!

Now, I’m working on my Week Before Christmas Action Plan. I’m feeling far too organized right now. That can only mean one thing – I’m forgetting something very important. Only I can get stressed out over the fact that I’m not stressed out.


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