My Top 10 Favourite Holiday Songs

For the most, I like Christmas music, although there are quite a few songs that I could live without hearing. For example, that Britney Spears one makes me want to toss my Gingerbread latte and I often get Jingle Bell Rocked out by mid December. There are a few songs that I can never get enough of though. These are my favourites in order of awesomeness:

10. Merry Christmas, I don’t want to fight tonight (The Ramones)
It really just sounds like every other song by The Ramones, but festive. Also, the title cracks me up.

9. Blue Christmas (Elvis Presley)
For many years, this album was a Todd family staple on Christmas morning.

8. 12 Days of Christmas (Bob and Doug MacKenzie)
As a Canadian, I think I have to like this one. It’s a federal law.

7. Do They Know It’s Christmas (Bandaid)
I sometimes sing this song to my cats changing the words to feed the cats, don’t they know it’s dinner time?

6. Little Saint Nick (The Beach Boys)
When you hear this one in a store, look around at your fellow patrons. I guarantee most of them will be bobbing their head and humming along. It’s hard not to.

5. Oh Holy Night (Various)
While I’m not a fan of Christianity, (or organized religion of any kind, but I do respect your choice to believe, if that’s your thing) I find this hymn quite moving.

4. I’ll Be Home with Bells On (Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers)
This whole album is a perfect for wrapping presents and sipping eggnog.

3. Merry Christmas Everybody (Slade)
Who knew that glam rock and Christmas could be such a delightful combination.

2. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Various)
It’s such a sweet and romantic song. Since Elf, the Zoeey Deschanel version has been my favourite.

1. Fairy Tale of New York (Shane McGown and Kirsty McColl)
This has to be the most bitter sweet holiday song ever recorded. On occasion it has even brought a tear to my eye. It’s a reminder that for some people the holiday season isn’t all about roasting chestnuts in a one horse open sleigh and whatnot. It can also be a season of heartbreak and disappointment. Kind of a downer, but a beautiful song.

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