Bathroom Makeover

This picture of our freshly painted bathroom would have been much more dramatic if I’d taken a before picture, but I didn’t have the foresight. It all happened so quickly. My dad had some free time this week and offered to come by and paint, which was great because I’ve been wanting to do it myself but lacked the time or ambition to get the project started.

When he called earlier in the week, we had yet to pick out a colour, so I dashed out to the store for paint chips and began the selection process. I’d originally planned for a shade of beige or light brown. Jeremy was partial to a Debbie Travis colour called papyrus, a pale yellow. He thought it looked cheerful. I still wasn’t sure, but I bought it anyway.

Now that it’s on the wall, I can’t say that I love it, but with a new coordinating shower curtain, it’s growing on me a little bit. Maybe with some new pictures on the walls and some towels it will all come together. Jeremy was right though, it certainly is cheerful and I guess it’s more interesting than beige.

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