Random Thoughts About the Weekend

On Friday night, we went to see Whip It. It was great. It’s the first movie I’ve seen in a long time that I’ve truly loved from start to finish. Roller Derby is so adorably badass.

I’m addicted to fruit cocktail. The sleazy Del Monte kind with peaches and pears in the sugary syrup. Just weeks ago I would have snubbed my nose at canned fruit then suddenly I can’t get enough. The palate works in mysterious ways.

I’m reading Three Cups of Tea. For the past year or so, I’ve been hearing about what an incredible book it is. I’m about half way though, and while I think what Greg Mortenson has done is wonderful and honorable, I don’t think the book itself is as great as I was led to believe. Although, maybe I should wait until I’m finished reading to make that call.

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