It Was A Beautiful Wedding (and we’ve got the pictures to prove it)

When I took up photography as a hobby, I swore I would never do a wedding. Wedding photography is very, very hard work and a lot of pressure. Sure, not as much pressure as the bride and groom are under on thier big day, but after the wedding is over, the pictures become the tangible memories. To me, the role of wedding photographer is a huge responsibility.

Despite my reservations, a friend of mine was confident that I could do it, and so I accepted a job on Saturday to take pictures at her step-son’s wedding. I’d been nervous and excited all week. Again, not as nervous as the wedding party, but still, what if I missed an important moment? What if something happened to my camera? What if my car broke down on the way to the church?

Of course, none of those things happened. Jeremy came along with me and as a team we managed to capture the day without a major crisis or castastophe.

The wedding was lovely. Despite the chill in the air, the weather was beautiful and the wedding party seemed to take the day in stride. It took place in my hometown of Brantford. I think the reception was actually in the same room as my high school prom. That felt kind of weird, although the hall looked far better than I remembered it and the food was outstanding.

By the time we got home Saturday night we were beyond exhausted. When I finally found the strength to get out of bed yesterday, I spent the day cleaning up my hard drive so I could download the over 1200 photos we snapped throughout the day. I’ve got my work cut out for me this week with sorting and editing, then hopefully I will have an album of beautiful pictures that the bride and groom will love when they come home from their honeymoon.

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