Say Hello To My Little Friend

I bought a camera today.

While I have a Canon Rebel SLR that I adore, it can be cumbersome. I like to keep a camera in my purse for random photo opportunities and the one on my phone is unacceptable (incidentally, this is the only negative thing I can say about my beloved iPhone). For quite a few years, I’ve been carrying a small Canon Powershot S200 that was handed down to me from my husband when he upgraded. It was a great camera, but lately it’s been sounding kind of sickly and then I lost the battery charger, rendering it useless. Sure, I could have replaced the charger, but then who knows how much longer the decrepit camera was going to hang on.

This morning I was reflecting on all of the current events and random objects I’ve missed out on capturing recently because I didn’t have my purse camera and I knew it was time. I did some quick research, looking at customer preferences, options and price, and settled on this little machine. Ideally, I wanted a camera that had the flexibility and quality of my SLR but more compact. This model seems to fit the bill.

What is particularly notable about buying this camera, is the fact that I never just go out make large purchases so capriciously. I suffer from crippling frugality. My electronics are all cast offs from my techie husband, or refurbished models. I usually buy second hand or heavily discounted clothing. Heck, even my cat had a previous owner. Any large purchase I’ve made for myself in the past require strategic saving, budgeting and/or subsidized by Airmiles, Canadian Tire points or coupons.

This transaction was different. I just walked into Blacks ready to hand over my Mastercard. I rejected their offer of the floor model for a 10% discount. I even bought the premium carrying case and high end batteries. I don’t know what came over me today.

Now that today’ s mad spending spree is over I’m going to curl up with the manual and learn about the options on my new toy. Then tomorrow I’m going to go out and shoot the heck out of this thing!

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