Checking In

Hi Internet!

How have you been?

Once again my blog has been placed on the back burner while we’ve been savoring the last dregs of summer.

It’s been a busy month. Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve been up to:

Ashtanga Yoga: Over the summer I rediscovered my love for yoga, specifically, Ashtanga. I’d given it up a few years ago during a period of illness and injury and I‘d been putting off returning to my classes because it’s hard and I’m lazy. I’m so glad I got back into it. The improvement, both mentally and physically, has been most satisfying.

Sewing: So much fabric, so little time.

Crochet: The cooler evenings have inspired me to pull out my hooks and wool. They’ve been keeping my hands busy while I’ve been…

Watching Television: Despite not having cable, I still watch quite a bit of television via the internet. Glee is my new guilty pleasure.

Etsy: I’ve now realized that if my Etsy shop is ever going to be successful, I have to put much more effort into it. This month I’ve been more dedicated to it than I’ve ever been.

Books: I read a lot of good ones this month and a few duds. The better reads included Lucky, by Alice Sebold which was well written and thought provoking and Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld had a My So Called Life quality that left me relieved that my teen years are so far behind me.

Friends and Family: We’ve been doing a lot of socializing lately. Some visits have been celebrations while other meetings have been under less joyous circumstances. Still, it’s always nice to see loved ones.

As we move into October, I’m looking forward to more of the above.

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