Backyard Botany

Recently Design Sponge had a great post about DIY botanical specimens. Since we have no shortage of leaves on our property this was a perfect project for me to try. All year I’ve been trying to find new things to hang on the walls in our new house, as most of the pictures from our condo just don’t seem to work here.

I’ve had the frames forever, a Pier 1 splurge back in my early 20s. I plucked a bunch leaves from our yard and settled on three. My absolute favourite is the Ginkgo. We have two of these trees growing in precarious spots beside our driveway. Until a few weeks ago we had no idea what they were called. Now I see them everywhere and I love them.

Too impatient to press and dry the leaves properly, I used an iron to speed up the process. Only time will tell whether or not this was a mistake (shortcuts most often lead to failure). In the meantime I’ve hung them in our main floor bathroom where they look perfect.

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