When I was a wee girl, back in the early 80s, I would often the see Knitwit and Doodleloom tools advertised between syndicated shows like Brady Bunch and Bewitched on Buffalo, Channel 29. Oh, how I wanted to make the pompom animals in the commercial, as well as the sweaters and afghans that required no knitting or crocheting with these magic tools. Alas, I could not “order now” as the commercial suggested, nor could I take advantage of the bonus items that would have been bestowed upon me if I acted immediately. I was a child. I did not have a credit card, cheque book or means of obtaining a money order. I was out of luck.

I had nearly forgotten about them until a few weeks ago when I found the Doodleloom during one of my weekly thrift store expeditions. I bought it, although I don’t really have the overwhelming need to make a pink poodle out of pompoms like I did when I was 6. I just wanted to finally have them. Now I just need the knitwit and I’ll have realized a childhood dream.

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