Photography Field Trip

Since we took our photography course a few years ago, Jeremy has talked about assembling a group of people to go out and take pictures. The discussion and critiquing of our photos was the thing we missed most when our classes ended. We still have so much to learn about our cameras and in a group setting we can all help each other by sharing our different areas of expertise. On Sunday morning we had our first group outing.

After fueling up on caffeine we headed off to the Royal Botanical Gardens. While the gardens are lovely, the real highlight of property is the boardwalk thought the marsh. It’s an amazing place to see birds up close. In fact, if you stand still with a handful of birdseed you will find that the chickadees and nuthatches will land on right your hand.

Lots of other birds came out to get in on the birdseed action, including some Blue Jays, Cardinals, Starlings,


Sparrows, Red Winged Blackbirds and a Woodpecker. We also saw a Kingfisher but he was too far away and too fast for a photo.


It was a perfect spot for practicing our photography skills as capturing birds can be challenging. They don’t sit still for long in the presence of humans so if you are shooting on the manual setting of an SLR you have to make your adjustments and focus quickly. Fortunately I managed to get a few decent shots.


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