Memories of Costa Rica

Thanks to the generosity of some friends who let use their condo in Costa Rica, we spent the last week enjoying warm weather and pacific sunsets.

We stayed in Tamarindo, a cute little tropical town on the north west shore. The town itself was cozy with a long sandy beach with and a plethera of shops and restaurants. The restaurants were fantastic, we ate like royalty. Surfing is the main pastime here, although we did not try it ourselves. While I love to be near the ocean, I don’t really like being in it.

The apartment where we stayed was spacious and comfortable with almost all of the amenities of home. It also had a huge balcony that overlooked the pool and had a partial view of the ocean from the master bedroom. It was located across the road from the beach, right in the middle of the town. Everything we needed seemed to be only a few steps away.


I was particularly amazed at how many critters were hanging out on the beach with us. There seemed to be things slithering, skulking and scuddling everwhere we looked. It creeped me out at first but after a while I was facinated and spent a lot of time combing the beach with my zoom lense.


Despite a torrential downpour outside we got up early on Sunday ready for an nearby estuary tour we had booked the day before. Believing in the power of optimism we even put on sunsreen. It worked because the rain did let up for a few hours while we took a boatride along the river and then a short hike through the forest in search of monkeys. I was determined to see monkeys while we were there and I was not disappointed. We found a gathering of howler monkeys enjoying a leafy breakfast high up in the trees.


Along this tour we also saw a few baby crocodiles resting in the mud among the mangrove trees, a giant spider (which will return in my nighmares for years to come) and many, many birds.


Other than our estuary tour we spent most of our trip walking along the beach, lounging by the pool and sampling the food in the local restaurants. After the past few months it was really nice to wind down. The last day in Tamarindo was bittersweet as all vacations as they come to an end, I was getting homesick, yet I didn’t really want to leave.


Now we are settled in at home again, trying to get used to the cold weather and trying to find the motivation to shop for Christmas. I already miss the arroz con pollo, the calming sound of the surf and the sand squishing between my toes.

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